This block of 2,254 acres of coastal plain deciduous forest, dominated by tulip poplar and sweet gum, supports a rich community of forest birds. The site has been owned by Maryland DNR since 1998 when it was purchased to save it from residential and commercial development, following a lengthy and spirited campaign by local conservationists. The 828 acres north of Rte 210 is now Chapman State Park, and the 1426 acres south of the road is the Parris N. Glendening Natural Environment Area.

Ornithological Summary

Chapman Forest supports a rich community of forest birds. Breeding season surveys carried out by Southern Maryland Audubon Society in 1999-2001 found 18 species of Forest Interior Dwelling Species, including four species on the Audubon WatchList (Yellow category: Wood Thrush, Prothonotary Warbler, Worm-eating Warbler, Kentucky Warbler).

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