The area is 6500 acres of woodland, field, and ponds. Some man-made ponds, total number is 25. Fish in ponds consist of croppie, bass, bream, catfish. Ponds are managed. Old farm fields have been turned to woodland areas, some dove fields. Burns are done on property every year, making a 3 year turnover cycle.

Ornithological Summary

Sighting Source Key: 1=published reports,; 2=surveys (CBC; BBS; etc.); 3=personal observations; 4=other sources (specify)

Conservation Issues

Habitat conversion is also listed as a threat to the site.


Herbacious upland listed as other refers to fields, such as "Dove Fields" used by hunters.

Land Use

Ownership Information: Rusty Garrison, 534 Elliott Trail, Mansfield, GA 30055. 770-784-3059.

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