Ornithological Summary

Chelan Ridge is an excellent migratory corridor for raptors. An average of 2,065 raptors (maximum 2,336) representing 16 species are recorded in fall. It is also the site of a raptor banding station jointly operated by the U.S. Forest Service, Hawkwatch International, and the Falcon Research Group. In addition to the raptors, Northern Hawk-owls and Ferruginous Hawks occur here occasionally. Gray-crowned Rosy Finches are common. This site also supports the highest-known numbers of the northern alligator lizard, as well as populations of lynx and wolverine.

Conservation Issues

Due to the high, arid nature of Chelan Ridge, the vegetation and soils are vulnerable to damage from recreational overuse. At present, the site can accommodate no more than 50 visitors per day.

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