Chino Farms IBA consists of a large private farm on Maryland's eastern shore which has been managed for the benefit of wildlife. In the 1990s a large proportion of the farm was enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program and other habitat enhancement programs, and field buffers were actively managed for Northern Bobwhite. In 1999 a 93-ha block of row-crop fields was converted to native grassland as an experimental project in habitat restoration for grassland birds. These management practices have proved successful in boosting target bird populations. Chino Farms is owned by Dr Henry Sears.

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Ornithological Summary

Conservation management of field buffers and a grassland restoration project have successfully increased populations of two nationally declining species at-risk and provided habitat for a diverse shrubland bird community. Northern Bobwhite numbers have been maintained at this site while they have declined across Maryland. Bobwhite population estimates, calculated annually since 1992 from Fall counts, average 462 individuals. Grasshopper Sparrows colonized the experimental grasslands the year they were created and the population averages 80 breeding pairs plus 50 nonbreeding individuals. This is one of the few sites in Maryland where Dickcissels breed regularly. The shrubland bird community includes breeding American Woodcock. Upto 27 woodcock have been counted displaying in early spring - some of these are probably migrants en route to more northerly breeding grounds.


Private, State holds development rights

Dr. Henry F. Sears
841 MCGinnes Road
Chestertown, MD 21620


Wetlands, Uplands, Forest
Lakes & Streams, Grasslands, Mixed Deciduous and Pine
Delmarva Bays, Warm & Cold-season; Buffers & Blocks
99% Cover

Land Use

Agriculture/cultivation, formerly Rangeland/pasture, Hunting/sport fishing, Forestry, Nature conservation, Research, Environmental Education, Undeveloped, Water Management, Rural

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