The Clam Gulch IBA is located along the east side of Cook Inlet from just south of Clam Gulch to Bluff Point at the mouth of Kachemak Bay. The boundaries extend from the mean high tide line along the 20 meter isobath. Features include mixed sand and gravel beaches with sheltered and exposed tidal flats. Tidal flats can extend up to 3 mi. offshore at low water. Strong tidal currents characterize this site.

Ornithological Summary

This IBA supports a very significant number (>1% of the biogeographic population) of wintering Steller's Eiders, a Threatened species. It also supports substantial numbers of several species of conservation concern (Audubon Alaska WatchList species), including 1000 Black Scoters, 200-300 Long-tailed Ducks, and up to 800 Common Eiders [2].

Conservation Issues

Disturbance to birds, natural resource extraction industry.