Clear Lake Waterfowl Management Area consists of 6,190 acres and is located in Millard County. The elevation is approximately 4,600 feet.

Ornithological Summary

Clear Lake is the 7th largest (out of 24) Utah Division of Wildlife Resources wildlife/waterfowl management areas. It is the largest wildlife/waterfowl management area not in close proximity to the Great Salt Lake. The area is part of the flyway to Great Salt Lake, being 100 miles south of the Lake. The area is also part of the Bonneville Basin - and is in close proximity to the West Desert.

Clear Lake Waterfowl Management Area qualified as an IBA based on surveys showing that avian congregations met numerical criteria. Survey data show that Clear Lake has significant waterfowl populations including counts of 6,000 Northern Pintail, 4,000 Redhead, 6,658 Mallard, 2,472 Green-winged Teal and 2,120 American Wigeon. Waterfowl counts can exceed 10,000 individuals in March and 7,000 in mid-winter. Clear Lake also qualified based on large numbers of shorebirds including counts of 1,900 American Avocet and 210 Black-necked Stilt.


The property was purchsed in the 1930s to provide quality wetland habitat for waterfowl and is managed by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

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