Belleair Beach, <1.2 ha;
Indian Rocks Beach, 0.2 ha;
Island I-25, 1.6 ha;
Marker 6 Island, 0.04 ha;
Marker 10 Island, 0.04 ha;
Marker 26 Island, <0.8 ha;
North Clearwater Beach, 0.4 ha;

In west-central Pinellas County, between the mainland and barrier island, and between state roads 586 and 688. The islands range from Ozona to Indian Rocks Beach. Listed geographically from north to south, the sites are: Marker 26, North Clearwater Beach, Island I-25, Marker 10, Marker 6, Belleair Beach, and Indian Rocks Beach. All the islands lie within the Pinellas County Aquatic Preserve. Near the Gulf Islands GEOpark IBA to the north.

Several islands (most formed from dredging operations) between the barrier islands and mainland, as well as one site (North Clearwater Beach) on the barrier island. Many of the islands are named after nearby channel markers in the Intracoastal Waterway. Marker 26 Island is north of State Road 586 between Honeymoon Island and Ozona. Island I-25 is just south of State Road 60. Marker 10 and Marker 6 islands are between Island I-25 and State Road 686. Indian Rocks Beach consists on two islands between state roads 686 and 688. North Clearwater Beach is part of a sand spit that links Caladesi Island with Clearwater Beach.

Ornithological Summary

Sites within this IBA support significant Brown Pelican, wading bird, and larid colonies, and also support breeding population of shorebirds. Marker 26 Island currently is the northernmost nesting site of Reddish Egrets on the Gulf coast of Florida.

Conservation Issues

All sites are posted against human intrusion during the nesting season by either Audubon of Florida, the City of Belleair Beach, or the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. ? Exotic plants, primarily Brazilian pepper, have invaded some of the islands. Control is difficult because many of the birds are nesting in the pepper stands. ? The addition of ?construction grade? dredged material is being considered to stabilize Markers 6 and 10 islands, and riprap of other material is needed to secure the shoreline of Marker 26 Island.


State of Florida (marker islands), City of Clearwater (Island I-25), unknown: (Belleair Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, North Clearwater Beach)


*mangrove forest, spoil uplands. Indian Rocks Beach: *mangrove forest. Island I-25: *mangrove forest, tidal marsh, coastal strand. Marker 6 Island: *coastal strand. Marker 10 Island: *coastal strand. Marker 26 Island: *spoil uplands, mangrove forest. North Clearwater Beach: *coastal strand.

Land Use

Belleair Beach: *conservation. Indian Rocks Beach: *conservation. Island I-25: *conservation. Marker 6 Island: *conservation, recreation. Marker 10 Island: *conservation, recreation. Marker 26 Island: *conservation. North Clearwater Beach: *conservation, *recreation.

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