Codurus State Park lies in the gently rolling hills that were mainly former pasture and farmland. The wooded areas in the park are a mixture of oak, northern hardwood, and pine and larch plantations. These land features surround the centerpiece of the park - 1,275-acre Lake Marburg. The lake is designed for the dual purpose of water supply (industrial and residential) and public recreation. P. H. Glatfelter Paper Co. of Spring Grove draws water from the lake to operate its mill. Most years there is ample area along its 26-mile shoreline for migrating shorebirds, and in the fall P.H. Glatfelter has drawn down the lake water level from industrial use to expose mud flats.

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Ornithological Summary

Osprey have been present at Lake Marlburg since 1984. No nest has been found, but pairs are present yearly. A Bald Eagle has also been seen. The water draw-down provides excellent mud flats for migrating shorebirds. Black Terns have been present during migrations for several years.

Conservation Issues

The area surrounding the park is under pressure for development. Faulty septic systems, pesticide runoff, and an increase in cats and dogs are major concerns from overdevelopment. Recreational overuse and an increase in boaters all pose a threat to nesting species.

Management of meadow areas for warm season grasses and seasonal closure of backwater areas would support breeding of appropriate species The use of outboard motors is allowed on Lake Marlburg. Increased usage of personal watercraft should be restricted during nesting and migration seasons.

This site is well monitored by York Audubon Chapter.

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