Deciduous and pine forest in southern Walker Co. west of LaFayette in NW Georgia with steep slopes and a high ridge running through the middle of it. The top ridge elevation is as high (up to 2329') as any place in the NW part of Georgia. It is a spur off of Lookout Mtn. at the south end of the Chattanooga Valley. There is also a wetland located at its north end at the base of the mountain and several grassy fields also around its base and along the ridge. Being a Wildlife Management Area, several conservation priority species will benefit from management practices for this site.

Ornithological Summary

Sighting Source Key: 1=published reports,; 2=surveys (CBC; BBS; etc.); 3=personal observations; 4=other sources (specify)


Clearcuts for game hunting is listed as a habitat type on site. Fields is also listed as a habitat type on site.

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