Located at the south end of the Ocean Shores Peninsula in Gray's Harbor County, this site includes the Point Brown jetty, the harbor mouth extending into both ocean and harbor waters, the Oyhut Wildlife Area, and Damon Point, but excludes developed residential areas to the north. The site comprises 2,105 hectares of marine waters and 245 hectares of estuary and uplands. Habitats include marine and estuarine waters, sand spit, tidal lagoon, salt marsh, sand and mudflats, dunes, and rock jetty.

Ornithological Summary

The rock jetty of Point Brown provides feeding and resting habitat for gulls, turnstones, Rock Sandpipers, Wandering Tattlers, and Surfbirds. The Oyhut Wildlife Area supports many species of shorebirds and migrating waterfowl. Marine and estuarine habitats in and around the harbor mouth are rich foraging areas for loons, grebes, shearwaters, cormorants, pelicans, gulls and kitiwakes, terns, alcids, and scoters. Damon Point is a vitally important roosting site for shorebirds, gulls, and terns. Audubon members have several times recorded 10,000 Black-bellied Plovers roosting here. Damon Point and Oyhut Wildlife Area have been recommended for designation as Snowy Plover critical habitat by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. One of only a few nesting sites for Snowy Plover in Washington. Birds typically arrive in later part of April to begin nesting. Streaked Horned Larks (state and federal candidate species) currently nesting.


2013 Assessment based on BLM Oregon/Washington Surface Management Ownership dataset (http://www.blm.gov/or/gis/data-details.php?data=ds000011) and Washington Department of Natural Resources Aquatic Land Ownership Parcels (http://fortress.wa.gov/dnr/app1/dataweb/dmmatrix.html).

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