An 8.5-acre largely forested island located approximately three miles southwest of Stonington.

Ornithological Summary

Historically, the island had up to 200 nesting Common Eiders and 43 nesting pairs of Great Blue Herons. Heron numbers likely will decline as birds are displaced by the expanding Bald Eagle population. The island lies in the middle of a high quality wintering area for Purple Sandpipers with 400 birds documented here.

Conservation Issues

An easement ensures the conservation of the island, but off-shore threats include oil spills and other forms of pollution. Scraggy Island has been identified as a nationally significant seabird island and has been identified for potential acquisition by the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge provided there are willing sellers and federal funds available.


The island is privately owned, with a conservation easement held by Maine Coast Heritage Trust. There is no public access, consequently, viewing bird life here must be done from the water. The nearest public boat launch is in Stonington.

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