The Donnelley Wildlife Management Area is a state owned, 8,048 acre tract that encompasses a diversity of wetland and upland habitats including: managed ricefields, forested wetlands, tidal marsh, agricultural lands and upland forests. The area is managed under a multiple use approach with emphasis on maintaining the natural qualities for both wildlife habitat and hunting opportunities as well as resource related research.

Ornithological Summary

The combination of upland and wetland habitats provides an excellent environment for a variety of avian species. Public access makes the property available most of the year to bird watchers and researchers.

Conservation Issues

Feral hogs are the primary threat to the Donnelley WMA. They do some damage in wetlands and in areas planted for wildlife. Feral hogs are controlled through limited hunting.


Donnelly Wildlife Management Area is owned by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.


The Donnelley Wildlife Management Area is a typical South Carolina coastal plain mixed pine-hardwood second growth forest with a well maintained, historic ricefield system, Agricultural areas are planted to attract mourning doves and other game and non-game avian species.

Land Use

The primary land use on the Wildlife Management Area is conservation in order to maintain the overall natural area. A key component to managing the land is an active silviculture program which maintains the health of the pine forests and provides some additional income for management. Hunting, mostly for deer, doves and small game, is open to the public on a draw basis each year. The small grains and corn grown on the property serves to attract game species and non-game birds. Nature based tourism is largely self-guided through a series of nature trails.

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