Dungannon Heritage Preserve consists of 643 acres in Charleston County. The preserve is 320 acres of impounded swamp dominated by bald cypress and water tupelo and 323 acres of mixed upland forests. The tract was purchased in 1995 by the SC Dept. of Natural Resources Heritage Trust program to protect a nesting site for endangered Wood Storks.
The Heritage Preserve was once part of a larger tract called Dungannon Plantation, named after Dungannon Township in Ireland. The property was a working plantation that raised rice, cotton and other agricultural commodities.
The website is https://www.dnr.sc.gov/mlands/managedland?p_id=120

Ornithological Summary

Dungannon Heritage Preserve is an important colonial waterbird nesting site. During most years, it is the second or third largest nesting colony of federally endangered Wood Storks in the state.

Conservation Issues

The Wood Stork colony site has slowly been closing in over the past 10 years due to increased growth of swamp loosetrife, an aggressive native plant. This may cause colony abandonment during low water periods. Herbicide has been applied to the colony site over the past 3 years and appears to be having an impact.


Dungannon is owned by the state of SC under the Heritage Trust Program.


Dungannon HP has 3 primary plant communities: impounded swamp with Bald Cypress-Tupelo Gum, longleaf pine flatwoods and rich beech-hardwood uplands. The topography is slightly rolling and grades down to the swamp.

Land Use

Dungannon HP is protected as a natural area under the Heritage Trust Program of the SC Department of Natural Resources.

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