Nassau River?St. Johns River Marshes Aquatic Preserve (mostly submerged; 85,000 acres; 34,399 hectares) and Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve (46,000 acres [18,616 hectares], with 23,946 acres [9690 hectares] in public ownership). Adjacent uplands include the Pumpkin Hill Creek CARL?FF Project (6927 acres; 2803 hectares), with 3720 acres (1505 hectares) acquired as Pumpkin Hill Creek State Buffer Preserve).
Duval and Nassau counties
137,927 acres (55,819 ha; mostly submerged), with 112,666 acres (45,595 hectares) protected
In northeastern Duval County and southeastern Nassau County northeast of Jacksonville, encompassing all tidal areas from the southern shore of the St. Marys River (the border with Georgia) south to the northern shore of the St. Johns River. Contiguous with the Huguenot Park?Nassau Sound and Northern Atlantic Migrant Stopover IBAs to the east, and the Fort George and Talbot Islands IBA to the south.
Virtually all remaining tidal marshes and associated habitats along the St. Marys, Amelia, Nassau, and St. Johns rivers. The marshes were nominated as a single IBA, with no specific data submitted for the individual public ownerships. The number of visitors is not known.
significant historical resources are known from the site, although not necessarily in the marshes. ? Part of this IBA has been designated by +Cox et al. (1994) as a Strategic Habitat Conservation Area.

Ornithological Summary

Significant populations of Special Concern species; significant numbers of wading birds; complete avian diversity of tidal marshes; and significant natural habitats.
The marshes contain virtually the entire Florida populations of ?Worthington's? Marsh Wren and ?MacGillivray's? Seaside Sparrow, and undoubtedly support large populations of wading birds and shorebirds. No bird is available.


U.S. National Park Service (Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve), State of Florida (submerged lands), Florida Division of Marine Resources (Nassau River?St. Johns River Marshes Aquatic Preserve), St. Johns River Water Management District (Pumpkin Hill Creek State Buffer Preserve), and private owners (remaining acreage of the Pumpkin Hill CARL?FF Project, and portions of Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve)


*tidal marsh, *riverine, red-cedar hammock

Land Use

*conservation, recreation, hunting

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