The Eno River is located in the central
Piedmont of North Carolina, near Durham. Much of the Important Bird Area consists of Eno River State Park, which
contains upland and lowland hardwoods, bottomland hardwoods, mixed pine?hardwood areas, pine, and old fields,
as well as steep, mesic wooded slopes, which are atypical for the Piedmont of North Carolina.

Ornithological Summary

This site provides diversity of habitats and is an exceptional example of alluvial riverine forest with the suite of species associated with this habitat type.

Conservation Issues

Residential and commercial development, and sedimentation.

Residential development near the State Park boundaries, encroachment on the park, fragmentation of
surrounding habitats, and sedimentation are all concerns in this Important Bird Area surrounded by urbanization.


Much of the site is protected and managed by the North Carolina Division of State Parks.? Local groups like the Eno River Association and Traingle Land Conservancy are working to protect additional areas outside of the park boundaries.


River/riparian, mixed forest, rocky cliff, old field

Land Use

Wildlife conservation, other conservation, and recreation.

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