Managed grassy fields along Exchange Road (east and west), and extending southeast along US 250 as far as Town Line Road. Bordered by roads and woodlots; divided by a marsh swale crossing Exchange Road.

Ornithological Summary

This site represents significant northern Ohio grassland not associated with reclaimed surface mining lands. Its size allows for a large variety of conservation priority species (both summer and winter) and also for an excellent representation of Ohio grassland nesting species.

Conservation Issues

This site is apparently being maintained by the landowner for hunting and dog training opportunities. The grassland passerines and raptors are incidental to the above interests. Continued succession of the grasslands will eliminate most species, if allowed to occur. I would presume that conversion to farmland is a real concern if Bobwhite/Pheasant populations are not established to the satisfaction of the property owner.
Provides extensive grasslands for northern Ohio residents, with an impressive complement of grassland nesting and wintering avian species. Access is presently restricted to a public gravel road (Exchange Road) that bisects the area and allows for relatively undisturbed passive wildlife observation.

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