Finzel Swamp Preserve, in the mountainous region of western Maryland, is a rare example of a mountain bog, a palustrine wetland with a relict forest community of tamarack, spruce, and alder. The preserve is owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy.

Ornithological Summary

Finzel Swamp is a habitat typical of more northerly climates. Accordingly, it hosts a number of bird species near the southern edge of their geographical range and confined in Maryland to the boglands of Garrett County. These include Alder Flycatcher and Nashville Warbler both listed by the DNR as In Need of Conservation, and two other rare species, Northern Saw-whet Owl and Northern Waterthrush. Several State-rare species have bred here periodically, including Sedge Wren (Endangered in Maryland), Henslow?s Sparrow (Threatened in Maryland), Sora, Purple Finch, and Golden-winged Warbler (an Audubon WatchList species, Red category).

Conservation Issues

The greatest potential threat to this site is the loss of native trees to exotic diseases and defoliating insects such as the hemlock woolly adelgid, Asian longhorned beetle, and gypsy moth.

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