3 Oxbows of the Red River (of the North) averaging about 11 hectares per each oxbow. All homes in these oxbows have been removed for these areas are flooded each spring.  This is natural river bottom with mostly old growth forest trees of Cottonwood and American Elm.

Ornithological Summary

An outstanding land-bird stopover for migratory songbirds, that also provides habitat for wading birds and waterfowl. as well as resident birds.Old growth forest of the spring flooding Red River, along with ornamental plantings and conifers when these oxbows were inhabited provide room and board to birds seen nowhere else in this migratory pathway.

Consequently this is a cornucopia for migrating birds who stay longer because of the food sources and cover that is present.

Conservation Issues

Primary threats include Afforestation,Invasive Species,and Flooding.


Owned currently by Cass County,ND.


Habitat is primarily wetland/woody wetland/forested wetland (75%)and Forested upland/deciduous forest/bottomland hardwood (25%).  Much of this habitat floods every  spring. 

Land Use

Previous use was residential, with a hobby farm ( orchard), but now use is only recreational.

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