Nevada Department of Wildlife, USDA Bureau of Land Management, some private ownership. Seasonal wetland/playa fed by the Franklin River. Size of marshes varies according to available runoff. Lake is about 5 miles N of Ruby Lake NWR. Importance of site varies with water availability, but in wet years birds move between the lake and Ruby Lake NWR. TNC holds easements on state lands and one of four private ranches.

Ornithological Summary

Site hosts an extraordinary abundance of waterbirds in wet years. Forster's, Caspian, and Black Terns use the wetland as foraging and breeding habitat. Greater Sage Grouse on upland portion of system. Sage Sparrows are a common breeding species. A few Bald Eagles winter here. There is a small, non-migratory population of Trumpeter Swans associated primarily with Ruby Lake NWR.

Conservation Issues

Drought is frequent and can almost completely change the nature of this IBA, eliminating wetlands and open water. Predation pressures on nesting birds can be quite high. 


Can be as much as 50 lake during high water year.

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