The Harraseeket River is a deep, but relatively short river, only about four miles long. The river was the site of boat building in the first half of the nineteenth century, with tall timbers for masts cut and transported here from adjacent forest lands. The site includes the length of the river, with major bird observation points at Winslow Park, Wildwood, and South Freeport Harbor.

Ornithological Summary

The Harraseeket River supports one of the highest documented concentrations of wintering Common Goldeneyes in Maine as well as several dozen wintering Barrow?s Goldeneyes at any one time. The birds move throughout the river depending on the tide.

Conservation Issues

Part of the goldeneye wintering area is near, and actually in, a working harbor. The area is desirable for development, and there is pressure to develop the area for residential housing. The river and outlet are heavily used by recreational boaters and commercial fishermen. Increased boat traffic, moorings, and potential fuel spills could pose hazards for wintering birds.


With the exception of local parks and public landings, the surrounding properties are in private ownership.

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