This site includes upland, marsh, and wetland habitats within the Galen
Marsh Wildlife Management Area and surrounding private lands.
River Road runs north to south along the Clyde River, which flows
through the site. Current management provides protection to a portion
of the Galen Marsh, locally known as the Marengo Swamp. Farming
and the harvesting of forest products have been the predominant land
use since the settlement of the area and these activities continue today.

Ornithological Summary

This site is an important breeding area for the at-risk Cerulean Warbler.
Other breeding warblers in the region include Blue Winged, Blackthroated
Green, Black-and-white, Mourning and Hooded Warblers,
American Redstarts, Northern Waterthrushes, and Common

Conservation Issues

Forest management should be conducted in a way that is compatible
with the habitat requirements of Cerulean Warblers. Protection of
existing forests from fragmentation, and restoration of additional
forests are also desirable.

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