The Glades - SGL 95 consists of several discrete areas in northern Butler County. The largest and most important for birds is centered on Glades Lake, a 2.5-mile shallw lake dammed at the north end. The lake is bordered by fairly extensive and diverse wetland habitat, which includes emergent marshes, swamps, and wet meadows. There is also mature hardwood forest, open field, and scrub-shrub thickets (PGC NW Region - 814-432-3188).

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Ornithological Summary

The high diversity of habitat types at this site results in high diversity of species, with at least 90 breeding species. The marsh and swamp habitats are the preeminent feature and support breeding species such as Wilson's Snipe Pied-billed Grebe, Virginia Rail, and Sora. A pair of Bald Eagles regularly nests around the lake. Sandhill Cranes have been observed in migration. The thickets and woodlands support a wide variety of songbirds. In all, more than 200 species have been recorded at the site. Exact figures for numbers of breeding individuals are scarce owing to the difficulty in surveying the wetland birds.

Conservation Issues

The habitat at this location can change rather abruptly and drastically due to Game Commission management parctices. For example, mature timber is occasionally clear-cut for wildlife. Most of these practices create the "edge-effect" and maintain the landscape in the secondary state of succession. Most of the management on these lands is for game species, but non-game species are not ignored. There are nest boxes for kestrels and bluebirds; and the planted hedgerows of Multiflora Rose and Autumn Olive benefit the songbirds as much as the game species. The numerous Wood Duck nest boxes have been occupied by as many as 15 Screech Owls. The water level is drawn down in the spring to protect vegetative cover at the south end of the impoundment and raised in the fall for migration.

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