The southernmost coastal IBA in Oregon, about 2 miles northwest of Brookings, just offshore of Harris Beach State Park, Curry County. At 21 acres, Goat Island is the largest island along the Oregon coast. It was the first unit comprising the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, established in 1936. The island contains deep soils and a variety of native vegetation condusive to burrow-nesting seabird species.

Ornithological Summary

Goat Island hosts 24% of the statewide nesting Leach's Storm-Petrels and more than 109,000 nesting seabirds comprising 11 species. The island serves as a night roost for thousands of Aleutian Canada geese in the spring and a wintering area for a small group (40) of Dusky Canada geese.

Conservation Issues

The primary concern is human disturbance to nesting seabirds from close approaching boats, low flying aircraft and human trespass on the island. Educational efforts are underway to prevent these problems. Some invasive plants occur on this island.

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