Golovin Lagoon is a large lagoon at the head of Golovin Bay, where the Fish River discharges into an extensive area of intertidal mudflats and vegetated intertidal habitats.

Ornithological Summary

Woodby and Divoky (1983) estimated 9,397 shorebirds used littoral habitats of this site during the post-breeding period, with Red-necked Phalaropes (29%), Dunlin (18%), Western Sandpipers (12%), and Semipalmated Sandpipers (7%) constituting the majority of birds identified. An additonal 34% was classified as unidentified small shorebirds. These numbers are not particularly high. However turnover of birds, especially Western and Semipalmated Sandpipers, would likely increase population numbers considerably.

Until more recent data become available, however, this site is PENDING GLOBAL/CONTINENTAL review.

Total shorebirds including other species: 9,397.

Turnover during post-breeding period: >>20,000; A4iii

Conservation Issues

Potential for pollution associated with petroleum transport, and with silt and chemical byproducts of mining in Nome area. General habitat loss due to mining activity itself.


Native (99%); rest State. Not protected. Proposed WHSRN Regional reserve.


Eel grass beds; intertidal mudflats; graminoid/sedge meadows.

Shoreline- 100 km
Vegetated intertidal- 711 km2
Unvegetated intertidal- 45 km2

Land Use

urban/industrial/transport; hunting

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