Lake is a prairie pothole lake with a stand of planted cedars and deciduous
shrubs on the east side. These planted trees host a large waterbird breeding
colony during years of high water when the peninsula they are planted on
becomes an island. During years of average to low water condition, the shallow
portions of the lake host breeding shorebirds. A narrow band of habitat around
the lake is protected and managed for upland duck and game bird production.

Conservation Issues

the island upon which the colonial waterbirds nest is a peninsula, the colony
is susceptible to human disturbance, as well as mammalian predators such as
feral cats, racoons, and fox. If birds attempt to nest in these low water
years, the colony usually is abandoned before fledging. The area is a waterfowl
hunting area and some parts of the lake are shallow enough for waterfowl to
reach lead shot resting on the bottom. The IBA is surrounded by cornfields and
the water is susceptible to nutrient overloading from fertilizers, and sedimentation
from soil erosion

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