Green Pond Marsh is characterized by a large open field with 2-3 depressions that collect water during most of the year, becoming dry sometimes during summer months. It is fed periodically by a nearby permanent, six acre pond that lies across the rural road from the Green Pond Marsh area. The fields are planted with corn and left fallow during winter and spring. Thickets adjacent to fields and pond attract wet thicket birds, including occasional Rusty Blackbird. The Green Pond Marsh is a premiere site for wetland birds in eastern Pennsylvania with large numbers of shorebirds and waterfowl using the shallow pools for stopover on migration with numbers of shorebirds exceeding 100 individuals often.


Wetlands, a hydrologist’s brief study shows characteristic hydric soils (see Long Description). The site is characterized by a permanent pond edged in trees and thickets, adjacent to a large shallow marshy field with perhaps one quarter with shallow pools and the rest in cornfield and stubble. Some wet thickets adjacent to permanent pond and fields attract songbirds for stopover and nesting.