Harriman Wildlife Refuge encompasses Harriman State Park plus approximately 8,000 acres surrounding the park. This IBA includes lodgepole pine forest with grassland, 2 man-made lakes, 8 miles of the Henry?s Fork River, numerous small creeks, marshes, and ponds.

Ornithological Summary

A breeding pair of Great Grey Owls as well as 6 breeding pairs of Bald Eagles are found at this location. 800 seasonal Trumpeter Swans, Three toed woodpeckers, Peregrine Falcons, Common Loons, are just some of the animals to be found here. 32 of 57 species of special concern in Idaho are found at this site.

Conservation Issues

At Harriman Wildlife Refuge, there have been problems in the past with Mountain pine bark beetle, which has impacted the Lodge pole pine forest. Overall, noxious weeds are a problem. Therefore, an annual noxious weed inventory is completed to monitor the introduction of any unwanted plant species. Because Henrys Fork, which runs through the refuge, also runs through resort housing areas, there is a potential for water pollution problems. There also is potential for over-fishing problems. However, Idaho Department of Fish and Game monitors and implements the fishing regulations.


Lodge pole pine forest with grassland and 2 lakes. Henrys Fork, numerous small creeks and marsh-pond areas throughout site, the refuge is within the Island Park caldera.

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