Hemlock Hill Research Area is located adjacent to Erie National Wildlife Refuge in central Crawford County. It is an area of mixed woodland (beech, maple, hemlock), mature forest grading to pole timber, and fields in the early stages of succession. Much of the site is steep slope, ranging from 1,000 to 1,350 ft. in elevation.

Directions: Rt. 408E from Cambridge Springs, cross Erie National Wildlife Refuge on Swamp Road, then south 1 mile on Teepleville Flats Road.

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Ornithological Summary

Noteworthy primarily because of important ongoing ornithological research that has been conducted on-site since 1982, Hemlock Hill also supports a diverse avifauna ranging from Carolinian to Boreal species. Seventeen studies have been published to date based on research at the site, mostly on breeding behavior, evolution, and ecology of Hooded Warblers. This site supports relatively large breeding populations of the following species: Blue-headed Vireo (B - 20+/- pr), Red-eyed Vireo (B - 100+/- pr), Hooded Warbler (B - 75+/- pr) and Blackburnian Warbler.

Conservation Issues

In addition to conservation and research, this privately owned area is used for limited gas extraction. Commercial and residential development have been identified as threats to the site.

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