Important Bird Areas

Jennings Randolph Lake


Jennings Randolph Lake IBA includes forested land owned and managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers totaling 1,058 ha in southeastern Garrett County, MD and a small portion in Mineral County, WV. The area is dominated by oak-hickory forest, accounting for about 74% of the area. Mixed and coniferous forest combine to represent less than 1% of the area. The lake itself comprises nearly 19% of the IBA. The boundary of this IBA follows the property boundary for the Jennings Randolph Lake Army Corps Project area. The Army Corps manages the site primarily for its water resources including maintaining water quality and providing water storage for Washington, D.C., but an additional goal is to develop a comprehensive forest management plan for the site.

Ornithological Summary

Located in the core of the Cerulean Warbler breeding range, this IBA supports a globally significant population of this steadily declining species listed in the Yellow Category on the Audubon/American Bird Conservancy Watchlist. Cerulean Warbler is listed as a Forest-Interior Dwelling Species (FIDS) by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Forest-Interior Dwelling Species (FIDS) are birds that require large, intact areas of forest interior for breeding. An estimated 48 pairs of Cerulean Warbler breed at the site based on a count of 20 singing males during 2009 Bird Blitz surveys. As many as 22 FIDS may breed regularly in the IBA, including Watchlist (Yellow Category) species Kentucky Warbler and Wood Thrush. Bird Blitz survey results suggest Hooded Warbler, Black-and-White Warbler, and American Redstart are likely among the most abundant FIDS at the site. However, more data are necessary to determine whether or not this FIDS assemblage is one of statewide significance.