In southwestern Alachua County, bordered by State Road 24 to the north and west, State Road 121 to the east, and County Road 346 to the south. Nearly contiguous with the Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park IBA to the east.

A privately owned site southwest of Gainesville used primarily for grazing cattle. There currently is no public access.

Ornithological Summary

significant numbers of wading birds and wintering cranes and sparrows; significant natural habitats

Kanapaha Prairie supports large numbers of ?Greater? Sandhill Cranes and sparrows during winter, and can support significant numbers of wading birds. Only a rudimentary bird list is available.

Conservation Issues

*habitat succession, human disturbance, exotic plants

The site is below the 100-year floodplain and no development will be permitted. Kanapaha Prairie is under consideration for public purchase by the Alachua County Forever land acquisition program.


private owners


*temperate hammock, *freshwater marsh, *fields, agricultural fields

Land Use

cattle grazing, conservation, recreation

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