Kirtland AFB is located near Albuquerque and is part of the Air Force Materiel Command. Its current mission is research and development. Land holdings include desert grasslands and foothills and canyons of the Manzano Mountains. Natural water sources are limited to five springs. Resource management coordination with military operations has resulted in excellent wildlife habitat. The military mission precludes access to most of the facility.

Directions: Military installation. Closed to the public.

Ornithological Summary

Kirtland AFB borders the city of Albuquerque which is undergoing a vast growth and expansion into undeveloped areas which were habitat for the burrowing owls. The population of the burrowing owl is decreasing along with the prairie dogs. Kirtland has vast unimproved areas where the owls live along with the prairie dogs. As habitat in the area is destroyed, more and more of the owls are migrating to Kirtland AFB.

Burrowing Owls on Kirtland Air Force Base Reproductive Success, Site Fidelity, Disturbance, and Vegetation, 1999 Report

Conservation Issues

Rapid growth of the city of Albuquerque into habitat for the burrowing owls.


US Department of Defense, 377 ABW/ EMQ, 2050 Wyoming Blvd. SE, Suite 119, Kirtland AFB, NM, 87117-5270, 505-846-6857

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