The Lake La Su An Wildlife Area is the largest piece of public property in extreme northwest Ohio and along with some associated habitat it comprises
the lBA. Its gently rolling hills provide a highly diverse habitat for NW Ohio. This lBA is situated on the Wabash end moraine, which was deposited during
the Wisconsin glaciation and is bisected by the West Branch of the St. Joseph River. Approximately two-thirds of the wildlife area consists of woodland and brushland, while the remainder is cropland and meadow. The area provides a mix of mature beech-maple woodland, riparian corridors, 30 wooded wetlands and restored wetlands as large as 18 acres, 14 ponds up to 82 acres in size, grassland, old-field habitats; and agricultural fields. Numerous warm- and cool-season grass fields are found on the area, where extensive re-establishment of warm-season grasses is being accomplished.

Ornithological Summary

This IBA hosts diverse avian communities. Sandhill Cranes are frequently observed in the area during spring and fall migration. Both Sandhill Cranes and Ospreys nest on the area. Bald Eagles are often observed during.spring and fall migration, when waterfowl are attracted to the lakes, ponds, and wetlands. Restored wetlands provide habitat for migrating shorebirds. Migrant songbirds are regular in the woodlands. Grassland birds such as Northern Harriers, Short-eared Owls, Dickcissels, Bobolinks, and Eastern Meadowlarks breed in the IBA. Ring-necked Pheasants and Wild Turkeys are present. Short-eared Owls are common during the winter.

Conservation Issues

Habitat improvement to provide cover for wildlife has included planting trees and shrubs along field borders, protecting and improving woodlands, and converting crop fields to meadow in areas susceptible to erosion. Wildlife management activities include development and management of grain crops and grassland to favor feeding opportunities and breeding habitat.


Owner:Ohio Division of Wildlife, 1840 Belcher Drive
Columbus, OH 43224-1300

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