Lake Senachwine Conservation Area is located just east of the town of Putnam in north-central Illinois along the Illinois River.

The 430-acre parcel is comprised of a gravel floodplain terrace, a sand and gravel shoreline, and the open water associated with the 3,324-acre Lake Senachwine, a backwater lake of the Illinois River.

Ornithological Summary

Lake Senachwine serves as an important stopover site for migratory waterfowl including American Wigeon, Gadwall, American Black Duck, Green-winged Teal, Northern Shoveler, Northern Pintail, Ring-necked Duck and Mallard.

The lake also attracts wintering Bald Eagles and foraging Great Blue Herons.

This site was chosen as an IBA because it met the criteria for Waterfowl.


A 3,324-acre lake consists of open water and a sand and gravel shoreline along the Illinois River.

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