Located in southwestern Lee County south of Fort Myers, at the very southern tip of Estero Island (Fort Myers Beach).

Located at the southern end of a Gulf barrier island, Little Estero Lagoon is highly dynamic, with frequent changes occurring to the outer beach, dunes, and lagoon inlets. Extensive mudflats are exposed on the lagoon side of the sandbar during low tides. Little Estero Lagoon is designated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as a Critical Wildlife Area. The site receives an estimated 36,500 recreationists annually.

Ornithological Summary

Little Estero Lagoon supports significant populations of resident and migratory shorebirds, and breeding and roosting larids. It is especially important for small plovers.

Conservation Issues

The upper beach and dunes of Little Estero Lagoon is a designated Critical Wildlife Area, and is posted against human entry during 1 April?31 August. However, human intrusion occurs frequently, causing severe disturbance to beach-nesting and -roosting shorebirds and larids.


City of Fort Myers Beach

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