Formerly the site of a Boy Scout camp, this privately owned site
includes a 45-acre unspoiled natural lake surrounded by a nearly
mature mixed deciduous-hemlock forest, with an abundant mountain
laurel understory. The site also holds numerous small vernal pools,
wooded wetlands, steep slopes, and limey bedrock outcroppings; it has
great botanical diversity.

Ornithological Summary

An exceptional representation of deciduous and mixed hemlock forest
with the associated breeding bird communities. Breeding species (with
estimates of average numbers) include the Northern Goshawk (two
in breeding season), Cooper?s Hawk (two in breeding season), Osprey
(one to two in migration), Swainson?s Thrush, Hermit Thrush,
Golden-winged Warbler (four plus in breeding season), Cerulean
Warbler (two in breeding season), Blackburnian Warbler, and Canada

Conservation Issues

This site is listed in the 2002 Open Space Conservation Plan as a priority
site under the project name Northern Putnam Greenway. The area
is owned by a developer, though no development or land sales have
taken place. The site has been designated a Significant Natural Area
by Dutchess County and a Critical Environmental Area by the Town
of Pawling. Preservation and drafting of a sensible management plan
for the site should be encouraged. More inventories and monitoring of
at-risk species are needed to better understand bird use and determine
if this site continues to meet IBA criteria.

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