Important Bird Areas

Lower St. Mary's River and Potagannissing Bay


Beautiful, forested island with large nesting colony of Common Terns on the old coal dock and a rock pile in the harbor. Includes a 10 km radius water-only buffer for foraging areas on the St. Mary's River.

Ornithological Summary

Home to a very large nesting colony of Common Terns.

Conservation Issues

Flooding and predation of nests have caused recent abandonments during some years. Woody encroachment of the nesting areas has prevented use. Care must be taken to avoid human-related disturbance of the nesting site.


Michigan Department of Natural Resources- Lake Superior State Forest.


Outdated barge dock and nearby rock pile are used by nesting Common Terns.

Land Use

Used by tourists when the ferry not blocked by ice. DNR maintains a number of cabins which are open for public reservation. The island is part of the Lake Superior State Forest.