The Maple River State Game Area contains the largest contiguous wetland complex in mid-Michigan. It primarily consists of floodplain, lowlands, and marshes associated with the Maple River corridor.

Ornithological Summary

Supports a great density of nesting Prothonotary Warblers and migrating Rusty Blackbirds. The US-127 marshes support a good population of breeding marsh birds and migrating waterfowl and herons.

Conservation Issues



Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Division, owns most of the marsh and river except for small private inholdings (not part of the actual SGA, but contiguous in terms of habitat).


River corridor dominated by floodplain deciduous canopy forest. Cattail marshes, upland forest, and shrub make up the remainder of the property.

Land Use

Wildlife Management is the first priority. Canoe and boat recreation, as well as hunting fishing, are secondary usages.

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