This site is an oasis for wildlife located on Long Island Sound in
Westchester County. The site consists of diverse habitats, including
mowed fields, forests, and extensive salt marshes; it is owned by
the Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation, and

Ornithological Summary

This site contains the largest remaining mainland salt marsh in the state,
and supports at-risk species including the Common Loon, American
Bittern, Osprey, Bald Eagle, Northern Harrier, Sharp-shinned Hawk,
Cooper?s Hawk, Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Clapper Rails,
King Rail, American Woodcock, Roseate Tern, Common Tern, Least
Tern, Black Skimmer, Yellow-breasted Chat, Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed
Sparrows, and Seaside Sparrow. The site hosts a remarkable diversity
of birds; close to 300 species have been recorded.

Conservation Issues

This site is listed in the 2002 Open Space Conservation Plan as a
priority site under the project name Westchester Marine Corridor.
More inventories and monitoring of at-risk species are needed to better
understand bird use and determine if this site continues to meet IBA
criteria. A major concern is non-point source pollution and siltation
(which will eventually necessitate dredging) from the Blind Brook
watershed. Increased levels of boating activity originating in Milton
Harbor have resulted in some instances of disturbance to breeding
birds by kayakers, canoers, and illegal landing parties.

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