<strong>McKenzie Slough is a large shallow
water basin that provides a variety of habitat to many different bird
species.&nbsp; Westlands, grasslands,
shelterbelts, and cropland intermingle in the area.&nbsp; Depending on the water levels every year,
different sections provide suitable nesting, roosting and stopover habitat.&nbsp; The area is excellent for waterfowl and
shorebirds, especially in wet years.</strong>


<strong>The area includes private land and areas
designated as the McKenzie Slough Wildlife Management Area (North Dakota Game
and Fish Department) and the McKenzie Slough Waterfowl Production Area (U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service).&nbsp; &nbsp;Some private lands are enrolled in Private Land
Open to Sportsmen (PLOTS), a program administered by the ND Game and Fish
Department in collaboration with private landowners.&nbsp;</strong>

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