Landownership is primarily Federal (Bureau of Land Management), though there are some scattered private parcels in the wash.

Meadow Valley Wash is a major north-south was system extending 80+ miles from the Muddy River at its southern end and beyond Caliente to the north. This IBA is focused on the best habitat, which lies between the Clark/Lincoln County boundary and Caliente. Wetlands and seeps ranging from tens to hundreds of acres are intermittent within the Wash. This combination of large area, north-south alignment, and wetland/water sites make this wash system a significant wildlife habitat and migration corridor for riparian and Mojave desert species. The wash provides bird habitat for year-round residents, seasonal breeding birds, and migrants.

Ornithological Summary

MVW is one of a handful of desert riparian sites in southern Nevada. Although altered, the site still provides breeding and stop-over habitat for landbirds. Much interest from FWS & NDOW has been focused on the wash with an eye towards controlling invasive weeds and enhancing habitat values for neotropical migrants. The sites orientation as an a long, narrow corridor probably offers support for migrating birds. MVW actually drains a much larger region of eastern NV, but the nomination is for the highest quality habitat in the wash.

Conservation Issues

Salt cedar & Russian olive throughout system.  Some disturbance to habitat by private landowners cutting/altering vegetation has occurred.


5% is used by railroad and NDOT right of way. 

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