This site includes the coastal beaches and wetlands extending from
Watermill Beach in the west to Georgica Pond in the east. The site
includes undeveloped flats, sand bars, and an ocean inlet.

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Ornithological Summary

The area is important to breeding Piping Plovers and Least Terns,
migrating shorebirds, and wintering waterfowl.

Conservation Issues

Mecox Bay has been designated a significant coastal fish and wildlife
habitat by the New York State Department of State due to species
vulnerability, ecosystem rarity, and the site?s significance as a winter
waterfowl area. Nesting populations of Least Terns and Piping Plovers
are vulnerable during the nesting season. Therefore, recreational
activities including beach-walking, boat landing, off-road vehicle use,
and picnicking near nesting areas should be minimized from April
through mid-August. Predation by foxes, gulls, and crows is also of
concern; flooding and subsequent loss and abandonment of nests can
occur at spring high tides.

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