Ponds owned by the Dow Chemical company are popular stopping places for migrating waterfowl. Hot water from the plant keeps some of the water open even in winter, attracting large numbers of birds. Decidous woods surrounding cooling ponds off of the Tittabawassee River, south of Midland, MI

Ornithological Summary

Concentration of one or more species: Common Merganser (average number = 5,250, with a maximum number = 6,500, during fall migrations in 1994 and 1995; average number = 2,223, with a maximum = 7,500, during winters of 1991-1995) and Canada Goose (average number = 1,881, with a maximum = 3,385, during winters of 1991-1995; Southern James Bay population).

Conservation Issues

Pollution is a potential problem, with other threats minimal at this time. Access to the site is much more limited now that in the past.


Dow Corporation.


Decidous woods, agriculture, non-tidal wetland, lakes and rivers (cooling ponds), urban/suburban

Land Use

Land use: urban/industrial/utility

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