Monitor Valley is located in central Nevada, southeast of Austin and northeast of Tonopah. The valley sits between the Toquima mountain range to the west and the Monitor mountain range to the east. The IBA boundaries include Monitor Valley, the adjacent east slope of the Toquima's and the adjacent west slope of the Monitor's. The southern border of the proposed IBA is located near the historical townsite of Belmont. And the northern boundary is located in the valley at Potts Well, between Bald Mountain to the east and Pete's Summit to the west.

Monitor Valley is comprised primarily of Federal land. The Toquima and Monitor mountain ranges are US Forest Service lands and are administered by the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Tonopah and Austin Ranger Districts. Monitor Valley is Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land administered by the BLM Tonopah Resource Area. Both the Forest Service and BLM lands contain private inholdings that together total approximately 6,400 acres.

Habitat types identified for the Toquima Range-Monitor Valley-Monitor Range, include: alpine herbaceous, blackbrush-hopsage, desert shrubland, desert riparian shrubland & woodland, freshwater marsh, greasewood shrubland, low montane shrubland, montane forest and woodland, montane meadow, montane riparian shrubland, mountain mahogany woodland, mountain sagebrush, pinyon-juniper woodland, sagebrush semi-desert, sagebrush steppe, salt desert scrub, semi-desert shrub steppe, subalpine forest and woodland and wet meadow.

Ornithological Summary

Not only does the proposed Monitor Valley IBA site support one of Nevada's most significant sage grouse populations, the habitats of Monitor Valley and the adjacent mountain ranges support over a dozen PIF Conservation Species. Monitor Valley is somewhat isolated in its distant location from Nevada's major population centers and therefore provides additional protection for area habitat types and the wildlife and plant species associated with them.

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