Hog Island is a 330-acre forested island (predominantly maritime spruce-fir forest) with significant populations of breeding songbirds. The island is a wildlife sanctuary and the north end of the island has a rich human history, including a long-running Audubon camp for adults and youth.

Ornithological Summary

The area is a well-known breeding location for warblers (i.e. Blackburnian, Magnolia, Northern Parula, Black-throated Green, and Yellow-rumped). Swainson?s Thrush, kinglets and Winter Wren also are notable breeders. Several raptors breed on the island including Bald Eagle, Osprey, Merlin and Sharp-shinned Hawk. The island is a haven for up to 500 Purple Sandpipers in winter. Both amateur birders and professional biologists, attending the Audubon camp, have extensively surveyed bird populations at this site.

Conservation Issues

This wildlife sanctuary has no known conservation issues that would threaten the bird populations at this site.


The island is owned by National Audubon and access is limited. Camp programs managed by Maine Audubon run throughout the summer for both adults and kids, with topics focusing on birds and conservation science. Call 781-2330 for more information.

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