The Nature Conservancy?s Red Canyon Ranch is a working ranch where they try to use enlightened management practices to demonstrate how ranching and conservation can go together. The ranch comprises of 5,000 acres of deeded and 15,000 leased acres. It runs from the Red Canyon Rim (just west of Hwy 287) to extensive spreads of rangeland and forest in the Shoshone National Forest. There is a great deal of water and extensive riparian zones along the Red Canyon Creek, Barrett Creek, Snow Creek, Deep Creek, Cherry Creek and the Little Popo Agie River. TNC has undertaken extensive riparian restoration and monitoring of rare plants, progressive ?pulsed? grazing management and irrigation improvements. The ranch is overseen by a CRM committee.

Ornithological Summary

Although Red Canyon Ranch is largely representative of good riparian habitat, it has other important attributes as well. These attributes include:
1. Site of on-going research into the effects of grazing intensity on biodiversity,
2. A ?MAPS? station is operated on the property, and
3. The site also has a large elevational range which provides a real diversity of important habitats.
In addition, many of the Species of Concern designated by Partners In Flight inhabit the area such as: Sandhill Crane, northern goshawk, broad-tailed hummingbird, rufous hummingbird, blue grouse, sage grouse, black-billed cuckoo, rough-wing swallow, warbling vireo, green-tailed towhee, vesper sparrow, brewer?s sparrow, say?s phoebe, dusky flycatcher, willow flycatcher, mountain bluebird, rock wren, lazuli bunting, and bullock?s oriole.

Conservation Issues

TNC is actively combating the spread of leafy spurge through spraying and introduction of beetles (bio-control) in cooperation with the Fremont County Weed and Pest Agency. Very active and on going research concerning restoration and enhancement of riparian areas especially along Red Canyon Creek. On going photo-monitoring of riparian rangeland health and status of rate plants.

Land Use

Livestock grazing, Red Canyon Ranch is a working cattle ranch. The ranch uses "enlightened" grazing management practices to demonstrate how ranching and conservation can go together.

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