North-coastal Oregon, Tillamook County, South of Pacific City, just off Highway 101. This area includes the Bay and the adjacent lowlands. It contains a multitude of habitats including pastures, grasslands, woodlands, tidal marsh and mudflats, freshwater bogs, and forested lagg.

Ornithological Summary

During winter months the pastures around Nestucca Bay host the entire Semidi Islands population (about 145 birds) of Aleutian Canada Geese (Federal Register 2001:Table 1, Roy Lowe [USFWS] pers. comm), and about 5-10% of the entire Dusky Canada Goose population. This is one of the few coastal wintering populations of Dusky Canada Geese. Six subspecies of Canada Geese winter here (Roy Lowe [USFWS] pers. comm.).

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