Two sites along the Gulf of Mexico south of Sarasota in west-central Sarasota County, occupying the northern end of Lido Key, the northern tip of Casey Key, and southern tip of Siesta Key.

Two small coastal county parks on barrier islands that are connected to the mainland by bridges and causeways. The number of recreationists who use the Park is not known.

North Lido Beach: Sea turtles nest on the beach. Palmer Point County Park: Listed plants include ?beach creeper (Ernodea littoralis) and ?inkberry (Scaevola plumieri). Sea turtles nest on the beach.

Ornithological Summary

The Parks support significant populations of breeding Snowy Plovers, and significant populations of wintering shorebirds and larids. Palmer Point has been documented as a shorebird breeding site since the 1950s.

Conservation Issues

North Lido Beach: *development, *exotic plants. Palmer Point County Park: *exotic plants

Neither site was documented to contain plovers during the 1989 statewide survey +(Gore and Chase 1989); the sites apparently were overlooked. Furthermore, extant data on Snowy Plovers?on which IBA designation solely is based?are more than 10 years old. ? North Lido Beach: There currently is no management plan. Regularly scheduled land management activities have not been implemented, but occasional monitoring does occur. The beach is actively patrolled for sea turtle nests during the summer. ? Exotic plants (primarily Australian-pines) are a problem, but volunteers have removed most of the trees, and maintain other exotic plants at low densities. ? Much of the land to the north and south is heavily developed. Palmer Point County Park is a moderate-use beach and recreation area. Currently, the site has no management plan. Sarasota County Resource Management staff rope off the nesting areas and actively monitor activities. ? Exotic plants, including Australian-pines, have been removed from the Park. In some cases, areas have been replanted with native maritime hammock species.

Annual surveys at North Lido Beach should be implemented to ensure that the Snowy Plover breeding areas are protected, and to monitor breeding productivity.


Sarasota Parks and Recreation Department (North Lido Beach), City of Sarasota, managed by Sarasota County Parks and Recreation Department (Palmer Point)


North Lido Beach: *estuarine, *coastal strand, mangrove forest, artificial. Palmer Point County Park: *mangrove forest, *estuarine, *coastal strand, maritime hammock

Land Use

North Lido Beach: *conservation, recreation. Palmer Point County Park: *conservation, *recreation

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