The Nugnugulartuk River flows into Goodhope Bay, located along the southern coast of Kotzebue Sound (south of Cape Espenberg).

Ornithological Summary

Coastal lowlands bordering the north side of the Seward Peninsula are among the areas of major importance for waterbirds in Kotzebue Sound. Aerial surveys of breeding waterfowl consucted annually by the USFWS indicate total populations (for Kotzebue Sound) of about 8,000 swans, 50,000 Canada Geese and White-fronted Geese, and 775,000 ducks of which Northern Pintail, scaup and Long-tailed Duck are most important (Lensink and Rothe, 1986).

Until more recent data become available, however, this site is PENDING GLOBAL/CONTINENTAL status.

Black Brant:
-Sum/aut; B,P; surveys in 1980s; min pop 100 (poor); abundance is common.
-Aut molt; surveys in 1980s; min pop 2,000.

Conservation Issues

Transportation of petroleum products and associated leakage and spills.

Consumptive use through hunting.


River mouth-vegetated and unvegetated islands, Sedge-grass marsh with many lakes, and Nearshore waters.

Land Use

hunting; urban/industrial/transport.

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