Oak Park is a public park in Minot, ND located along the Souris River.  The park was originally a riparian forest dominated by American Elm, Burr Oak, and Green Ash.  Most of the American Elm were destroyed by Dutch Elm disease in the late 20th century.  The Burr Oak component of the park remains relatively intact, but the Green Ash component is aging and the Minot Park Dept. has indicated that many will be cut and replaced in the near future.  Most of the park is manicured grass under the forest.  The exception is a small (4 hectares) unmowed area inside of an oxbow of the river.  A heavily used walking path runs through this area, the best area for neotropical migrants.  This understory of this unmowed area was once native plants, but in recent years has been taken over by invasive Buckthorn. 
The park is an important nesting area for Wood Ducks, Hooded Mergansers, and Red-eyed Vireos.  Yellow-throated Vireo nests here at the nw edge of it's range.  A pair of Cooper's Hawks nest in the park each year.  In spring and fall this area is a significant migrant trap for neotropical and continental migrants. 


Oak Park is owned by the City of Minot, ND. 

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