This pristine, tidal wetland IBA, located just west of Moss Point, is home to a variety of water and marsh birds. The upper portion of this site is riverine in nature consisting of Cypress and Black Gum swamps.

Ornithological Summary

Bird species of conservation concern found in this area include nesting Swallow-tailed Kite and Bald Eagle, and wintering Northern Harrier. The lower portion of the site is more estuarine in nature. Marsh birds of conservation concern such as Marsh Wrens and Seaside Sparrows use this area throughout the year and Nelsons?s Sharp-tailed Sparrows use this area only in winter. Ospreys are a widespread nesting species throughout this area, particularly in the Cypress and Black Gum swamps.

Conservation Issues

Two of the more important conservation issues at this site relate to water quality including failing septic tanks and the improper treatment of waste water. In addition, excessive nutrients and sedimentation from runoff also contribute to the degradation of this system. Intensive development and urbanization, especially along the waterfront, also negatively impact this site. Invasive species such as Water Hyacinth and Chinese Tallow, although present, are not a major problem at this time. This site is home to several endangered indigenous species including the Gulf Sturgeon and Yellow-blotched Sawback turtle.

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